Book 3 – Overboard

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Costa Mesa 3: Overboard, NEW RELEASE on December 27th, 2016!

Cover Art by Bianca Duarte, Design by April Martinez
Cover Art by Bianca Duarte, Design by April Martinez



At the end of their romantic holiday getaway, Piper is one loved-up woman, and she can’t get enough of the sizzling passion she’s found with Jack after all they’ve been through. The two lovers board Jack’s yacht and leave the idyllic hamlet of Catalina Island, California to head home for New Year’s Eve, and it seems nothing could be more perfect… until the day turns on a dime, and the waters rise. When Jack receives a radio distress call from an old friend out on the open ocean, their initial efforts to free a trapped, massive blue whale soon becomes a dangerous struggle for life or death when Jack risks everything to save it.

It’s a New Year’s Eve fraught with harrowing danger, narrow escapes, daring rescue missions, and heart-pounding passion. During their countless obstacles, Piper secretly discovers something shocking slipped into Jack’s coat pocket one time after they make love, and it threatens to change everything and rock the foundation of all they’ve built together. With the weight of the knowledge pressing down upon her, can their love survive? This New Year’s Eve, get ready for some fireworks, because it’s all going Overboard.

Excerpt – Chapter One:

Piper released the docking line from its cleat on the back of the cruiser yacht. “Last line’s cast off, Jack,” she called over her shoulder. He hollered back in response, and she took one last look at the pretty shoreline of Catalina Island. In stressful times, there were certain places one could visit in one’s imagination, special memories that brought peace or a wistful smile to one’s face when the sights, smells, and tastes were recalled. Catalina would forever be such a place for her, wherever her road in life with Jack took her.

She turned around and walked through the semishade of the deck lounge to the helm where Jack stood and checked their bearings. A pleasant warmth spread inside her at the sight of his impressive muscular frame beneath the outline of his loose white shirt. She rubbed a little hand sanitizer into her palms as he reversed out of the dock. He glanced at her, and she kissed his cheek. “Greatest holiday ever. Thank you for kidnapping me. Now, back to reality.”

Jack’s thick brown hair lifted with the light breeze as he turned the boat. “Bah. Reality’s overrated. I did a sweep of the entire yacht, every nook and cranny. I’m pleased to report no runaway convicts or stowaways aboard.”

“Thank God. Though I have to admit, Diego did give the trip a lot more excitement than it would have had without him.”

“Oh, come on. Is sex with me really that bad?”

She shook her head and grinned. “Yes. Anyway, we’ll have to send him a cupcake in prison when we get back.”

“As long as it doesn’t have a nail file in it.” He winked. “I love it when you wear your curls loose, by the way. It looks nice.”

She rewarded him with a radiant smile. He’d made it his mission to please her in every possible way since they’d come to Catalina, and it left her feeling pampered and relaxed. “Thank you. I like the open-throated pirate look on you.”

“I wonder why.”

“No idea.” She slid her palm over the warm flesh of his broad chest.

He kept his gaze on the ocean but rubbed the tops of her fingers with his free hand.

“The waves are calm today. I didn’t expect that. Ready for your New Year’s broadcast tonight?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be, I guess. I’ve watched the ball drop on TV, but I’ve never taken part in a countdown before. We’ll broadcast intermittently, but it’s still pretty exciting. You’ll come to the company get-together before my segment, right?”

“Of course. Wouldn’t miss it. You’ll do great, Piper.”

She made a face. “We’ll see. I’ll do better with you there, even if it’s off to the side. After how blissful it’s been the last couple days, I don’t want to separate and go back to the real world just yet.”

He met her eyes. “Who says we have to?”

She kissed him and cupped his jaw with her palm. It was remarkable how a love you didn’t know was absent from your life could enter and take it over so completely and in the best of ways. She drew back. “You gonna let me steer again? I promise not to crash.”

The corner of his mouth tilted up, and he reached over to a peg near the helm and took down his white captain’s hat. He fitted it onto her head and gave her a little salute.

“Ship’s all yours, Cap’n.”

He stepped aside, and she took the wheel.

“Very good, Mr. Spencer. How does the hat look?”

“It looks yare.”

She laughed. “Now there’s a word I haven’t heard in a long time. Isn’t it from that old Katherine Hepburn movie? I didn’t think people still said it.”

His finger stroked down the length of her arm as she steered, and a sweet tingle spread through her body at the featherlight touch.

“My dad was old-school, and he liked to turn a good phrase or two. I’m serious. I like the cap on you. I’d love to see what you look like in it and nothing else.”

Her pussy tightened at the raw need in his gaze, and she grew wet. “Be careful what you wish for, Captain Spencer. You just might get it. Take over the wheel for a second. I need some water. Are you thirsty? Can I get you a glass?”

He took the wheel from her, and his eyes gleamed with lust. “Yeah.”

She skimmed her fingers along his and rounded the corner to the kitchenette area. She poured a glass of water from a gallon container and toyed with a wicked idea. Over the past few days, she’d learned she could be as playful as she wanted with Jack, and he responded precisely how she needed him to. She looked down and tugged at her nipples, the mental image he’d painted just a moment ago fresh in her mind.

She bit her lip and set the water down as her pussy throbbed. She ran her hand between her legs to soothe the ache. She shed her shirt and the rest of her clothes and left them in a pile on the wooden floor. Her body had grown attuned to his, and she needed his touch.

They’d made love once this morning when they awoke, but they were alone out here on the open sea. Her time in Catalina with Jack had taught her that if she asserted herself and showed him what she wanted, he gave it back to her tenfold. And right now, she was ready for it.

She fixed the brim of Jack’s captain’s hat over her brow, picked up the glass of water, and sashayed toward the helm. She cleared her throat. “Would you like your water now?”


WHEN JACK TURNED around, he sucked in a breath. Sweet Poseidon!

Piper strode toward him, stark naked with her magnificent curves and ethereal face, looking absolutely dazzling in the sunlight. Angelic. He took in her long neck, full, pouty lips, and wide-set dark eyes, and he went hard as steel. The sight before him was what poets wrote sonnets about, why Greek sculptors spent days working each delicate curve, why the Taj Mahal had been built… He put a hand to his racing heart.

“Oh my God. You’re…exquisite.” The word seemed inadequate to describe her beauty, like calling a majestic sunset simply okay. He’d liked to have framed her image, to capture it on canvas or film or any goddamn way he could. Coupled with her confident nature, her natural loveliness rivaled Aphrodite’s, and he privately thanked God that this sacred moment would belong to him and him alone. It was like a universal offering, a holiday present. Her image would be burned into his brain until the day he died.

He generally tried to behave, but with Piper, primal instinct liked to kick him in the balls and leave his propriety curled up on the floor in a fetal position. Within a mere second, the sight of her luscious body, his hat perched on her head, with that naughty look she wore, did him in. His cock took over.

He darted his gaze to the helm board and checked their surroundings. The ocean was calm, with no ship in sight in any direction. They had a little time to themselves, and he intended to make the most of it. He engaged the reverse thrust and reached out for Piper as the boat slowed down.

She stepped just out of his reach.

“Not so fast. Stop the yacht, and meet me at the tail end.” She took a sip of the water and licked the rim of the glass before she turned away.

He cursed beneath his breath and willed the yacht to fucking stop already. When the engine idled, he set it to drift. The ocean was flat as glass, the waves quiet. Unlike his heart, which pounded against his rib cage as it gravitated toward Piper’s magnetic pull. He moved through the aft deck, kitchenette, and shaded lounge until he came to the open end of the boat. Piper stood near a red-cushioned sofa in the open sunshine with her back to him as she gazed out at the waves. She’d set the glass of water down on a deck table, and he took a moment to watch her.

Her dark curls tumbled down her back against her lily-white skin. The vivid blue of the sky, white rails, and darker blue of the ocean enveloped her in a perfect frame. She was a damn fine work of art. He clenched his fists and breathed deep.

“You’re beautiful, Piper.” He stepped close just as she turned around and tilted her head up to him, her face alight with desire. He touched her collarbone and glided his fingertip across its elegant line. “I don’t know where to start first. Here.”

He pressed his lips where his fingers had been and licked a path along it. She shivered, and her slim hand caressed his shoulder.

“Here,” he murmured, licking her nipple. He tested the weight of her other beautiful breast as he enclosed it in his mouth and softly sucked. He ran his free hand along the small of her back, smoothing it upward.

He straightened, released her breast, and lifted her chin to peer into her eyes. “Or here,” he whispered. He took her lower lip between his. God, the sweet taste of her. The kiss was heavy, stretching, and drugging. He stroked the back of his finger down her side, over her breasts, and down the curve of her hips.

Piper paused between kisses, her beautiful brown eyes shining. “Take me. Make love to me right here, Jack, with the sun and wind on our backs, the salty smell of the ocean. I want to remember this forever. It’s the perfect spot.”

Jack’s breath rattled as he ran his palm around the curve of her bottom and possessively squeezed it. “Oh, trust me; you’ll have a lot to say about the perfect spot in just a minute.” He crashed his mouth down onto hers and took her fervor for all it was worth. Piper was a gold mine of passion, and he’d learned to dredge every last morsel of it. They’d been intimate countless times on the trip, but each time made his love for her grow, knowing she chose to be with him after their rocky start. She fit him like a glove, soft as silk and hot as fire, uniquely Piper.

He moved both his hands around her waist and slid them down to clutch her ass. She hooked her arms around his shoulders, and he slid his tongue against hers to taste her piquant flavor. A quick snap of the button on his shorts, and they fell to the deck. He yanked down his briefs, and his cock jutted out, ready for action. He closed his hand over Piper’s breast and ran his thumb over the pink nipple. She shivered beneath his touch and moved closer. He watched her, reveling in her reaction. Moisture seeped onto his thigh from where she rubbed her pussy against him, and he drew her in. His nostrils filled with the aroma of her sex and the sweet, floral bouquet of her perfume. He moved his mouth down, enclosed her areola, and sucked with soft licks as she carded her fingers in his hair.

“You’re mine,” he growled into her breast. “All mine.”

Piper fisted his hair. “Yes, Jack. And you’re mine.”


JACK PAID HOMAGE to the other breast with a duplicitous sort of tenderness that both touched Piper and made her restless. She’d grown up an only child, and she didn’t like to wait for the things she wanted. When Jack stood up, she placed her palms on his chest and shoved him down onto the red sofa. He grunted from the force, then watched her with a heated look.

He reached out and caressed the curve of her bared waist, but she moved his hand away impatiently.

Tsk-tsk, I’m the captain now. And I say”—she moved to straddle him—“you touch me when I’m ready for you to touch me. Is that understood, First Mate?”

“Hell yes.” He peeled his shirt off and threw it on the floor. He leaned back on his elbows against the top of the sofa as she held herself just above his cock. “Crystal clear, Captain. Though I can’t promise there won’t be a mutiny at some point. You are so hot like this. I want you.”

“I want you too, baby.”

She fisted his erection and pumped it the way she knew he liked it, tugging as she stretched him. He moaned and shut his eyes. She rewarded him with a slow, languid kiss and smiled against his lips.

“Good, Jack. So good.”

“Let me touch you,” he growled. “I want to feel how wet you are.”

“Oh, you’ll feel it. But not yet. As you were, Spencer.”

She slid her hand down to massage his sac. She caressed the globes of his ass and moved up again to his long shaft.

“Mmm, soon,” she purred, nuzzling her nose against his cheek.

“I swear, Piper, if you don’t let me put my cock inside you right this second, I’ll lose it.”

“That makes two of us.” She wriggled against him and guided the head of his cock into her. She slid forward hard, impaling him. They both let out a moan at the instant heat and sweet sensation. Jack completed her in so many ways, and this was just the tip of the iceberg, but what a tip it was. She put a hand on his neck and let her tongue dance with his as her body adjusted to the fullness inside.

“I love you,” he whispered against her lips.

She opened her eyes, and he gazed at her with raw emotion. She smoothed her hand along his cheek.

“Love you too, Jack. So much.” She rotated her hips against him and slid in and out over his cock. He kissed her neck, letting her have control. She knew he liked it when she wanted to take over the reins, and for such a masculine person, Jack’s willingness to flip both sides of the coin turned her on.

The sun warmed her hair and back, and the more she moved over him, the hotter the fire burned. She cupped her breasts and rode him with a purpose, never breaking eye contact. His eyes were the same shade as the ocean. He watched her with a tender note in them as pleasant bursts shot into her with each roll of his hips. His cock was so thick, and it chafed deliciously against her inner walls as she bounced against him. She wiped sweat from her brow as pleasant juices flowed into her.

“Oh, there we go. You feel so good, Jack.”

He clenched her hips and shifted a little, then bucked his hips up into hers. She called out as it hit her just right inside, and his face took on a concentrated expression.

“Yes,” he grunted.

Piper ran her fingers through her hair and gripped it as he took over, pounding into her. She tried to say his name, but she couldn’t speak. She threw her head back and let the fire consume her. The flat of his tongue laved her sensitive nipples. He tugged on them with his teeth, and she wound her arms around his neck as they moved in tandem.

“Oh…” She sucked in a breath as her body tensed.

Come on.”

He clutched her ass as his cock drove into her without mercy. He slapped her ass, and she gasped at the stimulating sensation.

“Come on, sweetheart.”

She buried her face in his neck and gripped him tight. She whimpered with delight and shuddered as her nectar spilled over him. He caged her hips and went a second later. His seed filled her, delectable and hot.

He stroked her hair, and his palms smoothed over her back as he nuzzled his chin over her head. “Oh, Piper. You’re amazing.”

She purred against his neck and pillowed her cheek against his chest, her arm draped over his torso. He wound his fingers in her curls, and his heartbeat held a steady rhythm beneath her ear. He was still inside her, limp now, but it was wonderful to be joined with him.

They stayed together for a minute, the musical lull of the waves and random cry of the seagulls like a sonata. Jack’s presence had become a home to her, and it washed away the heartache she’d come to know of the world after her travels.

“What are you thinking about?” he whispered.

“How the warmth of your arms reminds me of towels fresh from the dryer, or a cat’s purr…” She sat up a little and let him pull out. “Actually, I’ve been thinking about a few things I want to put in the book I’m writing. About Syria.”

His eyebrows lifted, and he rubbed her back. “I forgot you were contracted to write a book about your time there.”

“Well, I haven’t made much headway. I outlined some things while I had some downtime, but I didn’t put a concrete plan together. Now that I have one in mind, I think I’m ready to get started. There’s just a bit of self-doubt swimming around upstairs, if you know what I mean.”

“You shouldn’t doubt yourself at all. You could write a great book.”


“Absolutely. I’ve read the blog posts you wrote while you were over there on the news website. They were good, better than good. You’d be perfect for it.”

“You’re sweet. Still, I think I’m about ready to. I’ve never written a book before. But how hard can it be?”

He chuckled. “Famous last words.”

“I know. Watch a bolt of lightning strike me down. It’d figure. But I’d like to try to tell the story of the people. Not the terrorists who consider themselves freedom fighters, but the people who are affected by the war. People who lose loved ones and have to find their feet again, like Amira.”

“You’d do a good job, Piper. I saw you with Amira on your last broadcast, and also a few times before then. Where is she now?”

She stroked his chest. “Adopted. She’s got a good family, and I couldn’t be happier for her. It’s nice to see a flower rise out of the ashes and to know things can always turn around, no matter what. She’s a smart, beautiful little girl.”

“I’m glad she’s all right.” He cupped her cheek. “And I’m glad you’re back here, safe and sound with me.”

“Right where I belong.” She kissed him. She was safe with Jack, in every sense of the word. He’d guarded her and loved her with his body and soul and had gone to great lengths to reunite with her. While the word relationship held a hell of a lot more merit to her than it might have three months ago, it didn’t scare her off as much as it would have before she met him. He would never threaten her career or have a problem with it. He encouraged her and believed in her. Better yet, he called her out when she messed up, and she needed that. Honesty made a good cornerstone in any relationship, and with Jack, beneath the intense passion, it was their defining strength.

They cleaned up, and she moved to a nearby sofa and flipped over onto her front while Jack retrieved their discarded clothes. He set hers down on a nearby. She rested her head on her arms over a cushion as she watched him pull on his shirt. The delineations of his shoulder muscles shifted, illuminated by the golden streaks from the skylight. She sighed and basked in the warmth against her bare back. He kissed her forehead, took a sip of the water, and handed her the glass. He went to restart the boat.

Before Jack had entered her life, she’d never been out on the ocean before other than to walk along a shoreline or wade in the shallow surf. But the sound of the seagulls and musical tempo of the waves gave her comfort. The ocean had a primal sense as ancient as the earth itself. She loved the pleasant, hypnotic sensation of being adrift after their sex.

“Make sure you don’t fall asleep over there,” he called. “You might get a sunburn.”

She tipped the captain’s hat up so she could see him and smiled against the pillow. “After what we just did, I’ll be lucky if I can peel myself off of this anytime soon. Mmm, this is so comfortable.” She bent her knee, wriggled into the sofa, and lifted her backside.

“You keep it up over there, and I’m going to come join you,” he growled. “Then that sensational ass will be really red.”

She sat up and reached for her bra. Enough teasing. “As much as I love that idea, I am a little hungry.”

“There are those sandwiches we bought at the market in the small fridge and some food in the pantry.”

“Great. I’ll rustle something up. Would you like a plate?”

“Sure. I wouldn’t say no to a chocolate either.”

“Oh, good call.” She got dressed and went down the stairs to the stateroom. She’d put the box of chocolates he’d gotten her back in the nightstand drawer. There were still some rosehip petals scattered prettily around the bed, and some long-stemmed bouquets dotted the room in secured vases. Jack had gone out to check the yacht during their time in Catalina and had watered the surrounding roses while he was at it. Most of the petals were open, and the sweet fragrance permeated the room. She retrieved the chocolate box and headed back upstairs.


JACK SET THE yacht to coast and joined Piper at the bar for a light lunch. After their meal, they fed each other chocolates, and he took a bit of liberty because he could. He rubbed her inner thigh as she licked around the edge of her chocolate and bit into it, her large, dark eyes shining.

“Can we just stay like this? Feasting on chocolates as we sail across the Pacific? Of course, I’d have to join an oceanic Weight Watchers at some point, but—”

He grinned and trailed his finger along her thigh. “If you like.”

He’d just leaned in to kiss her when a horn blared in the distance. They parted and looked in the direction of the sound. A smaller yacht sailed toward them about half a mile away.

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