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Well, the Blog Tour for Sonnet Coupled is off to a kicking start! The novel releases tomorrow, and reviews have been rolling in on Goodreads from ARC Readers (several of whom I don’t even know), 5 Stars all across the board! Read what people are saying about Sonnet Coupled!


The paperback of the novel is still half-off at only $3.99 for today only if you pre-order on Amazon, then it will go up to full price tomorrow when it releases, so it’s a steal for a print book! Get it while you can!


This is the paperback front and back cover. I just saw the back cover the other day, and I was blushing six ways from Sunday! Boroughs Publishing must be clairvoyant, because that actually does look like Sonnet and Griffith!

I hope you will all check out Sonnet Coupled. Please remember that reviews help the novel to get noticed in a big way, and they really help the author out in making or breaking the success of the book. So if you enjoy it, please leave a review! 🙂
Have a gander at the Goodreads reviews below. I am just blown away by what people have had to say! I put a lot of heart and soul into this novel, and while there are a lot of steamy, fan yourself moments, the heart of the novel is the relationship, and I’m so happy it touched people. As an author that’s all I could ever ask for. 🙂 Help me launch the book tomorrow by purchasing it and leaving a review! Love to you all!
Luciana Correa rated it it was amazing

Sonnet Coupled is an endearing story of an ambitious young woman.
Sonnet is a nurse, the daughter of Argentinian immigrants, living alone after her father’s death. She receives an amazing offer-a great life opportunity that can change her future.
She must be strong, determined and face tough moments  but she is ready for the challenge.
What she is not ready is for love-much less if love is in the body of a hunky security guard.
She is prejudiced and despises him but her body has another agenda.
An unexpected event throws her through a loop and changes her mind.
Will the daughter of immigrants become the weak link? Will she disappoint her father’s memory and leave her career behind?
Sonnet Coupled has hot scenes and a beautiful message.
We can relate with the strong young woman the author built and admire her determination.
The young nurse is focused and her life is worth reading and enjoying.
The book is well written.  The character’s mind is easy to understand as she struggles to keep focused and deal with the perks of sudden and disturbing situations.
Book-Lovin-Momma rated it it was amazing
Absolutely loved this book! Sonnet is a nurse focused on trying to get into med school. Griffith is a security officer working at the hospital but trying to get into the police academy. Can they make it work? I thoroughly enjoyed their story – it was steamy and loving with some danger added to the mix. Loved Sonnet’s friends at the hospital as well – they were a fun, lively bunch. I would recommend this book and I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of it.
Sherry Grant

Apr 24, 2017Sherry Grant rated it it was amazing
This is an all consuming read ladies. It took you on a journey of love, lost, ambition, self worth, goals, and so much more. I fell in love with the relationship between Sonnet and Griff. I felt like I was watching a movie the book flowed so very well. Even the secondary characters was written in the story very well. And once the sex scenes began it just kept the story reaching greater heights. And that sneaky author Roxanne gave you a twist and turn towards the end that had me cursing up a storm but was redeemed at the very end. Get this book ladies you will not be disappointed. Happy Reading!
Rosie Chapel rated it it was amazing
Sonnet Coupled ensnared me from the first page and held me captive til the last word. Sonnet Mendoza has dedicated all her energy – her studies, her life – to becoming the best she can be. Now a nurse in a busy ER, Sonnet feels she might be on her way to honouring her now dead, Argentinian father’s wishes, especially as her dream to be accepted into medical school is tantalising close.

Griffith Parker – an ex-marine, attends the police academy during the day and works as a security guard at the hospital on the graveyard shift – the same shift to which Sonnet is assigned. There is no doubt he is an imposing figure but Sonnet’s first impression is that he is a self-absorbed, bed ’em and leave ’em type, and anyway – what does she care, she has no time for dating.

First impressions, however, can be deceiving and after Griff rescues Sonnet from a terrifying attack, their relationship takes an unexpected turn. To cover increasing costs, Sonnet has been looking for a housemate and, although had previously declined Griff’s offer – unwilling to share a house with a man – the assault left her feeling vulnerable and there is no doubt Griff would scare away anyone with malicious intent. Against her better judgement, she still cannot afford any distractions, Sonnet agrees to him moving in. Griff is clearly attracted to Sonnet and while her head continues to insist this is madness, her body has other ideas and soon she can no longer fight what is patently obvious.

Unfortunately, even as their connection deepens into something far more enduring, the niggle at the back of Sonnet’s head refuses to shut up and, she is plagued by the belief she might have to choose between Griff and her medical career, fearing her dream might slip through her fingers. That, and the fact Griff’s line of work places him at high risk, might prove one step too far.

Howard’s characters are wonderfully portrayed. Sonnet is spirited, driven and disciplined; Griff is focused, strong and protective – they are the prefect foil for each other. Their friends, and the occasional enemy, are just as well drawn – genuine people with their own idiosyncrasies, but who (the friends at least) want the best for each other. This story flows effortlessly without being rushed, cleverly balanced between Sonnet and Griff’s relatively quiet home life and the chaos of the ER. There is just the right amount of romance and heat, and by the time I was a couple of chapters in, I had everything crossed for Sonnet to accept her dream might not end in quite the way she anticipated, but she would be the happier for it. Nope no spoilers, you’ll just have to read it – it’s so worth it!

An easy 5 stars!

I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of this novel and this review is my honest opinion.