New Series!

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Hi Everyone!

I apologize for the lack of blog posts lately; I’ve been hard at work on this new Costa Mesa series. Big things are coming in July and August with the upcoming release of Chicks Dig the Accent, but in the meantime I thought I’d introduce you to two of the main characters from my new series about a sassy, take-no-prisoners Jewish tabloid reporter named Piper Goldhirsch, and a wise-cracking, whale watching tour boat captain named Jack Spencer. Ladies first.Piper Goldhirsch

So, after watching Frozen for the billionth time with my enraptured daughters, we were watching a behind-the-scenes making-of piece, and I noticed how pretty Idina Menzel is. in fact, she’s downright charming, with a little bit of sass. I wrote the character of Piper Goldhirsch with her in mind, and she has been so fun to write. Thank you, Idina!

Captain Jack Spencer

After watching Life As We Know It back in 2010, I noticed that Josh Duhamel is a pretty versatile actor, and I pictured him when writing the character of Captain Jack Spencer, who is witty, sharp, knows a lot about marine biology, and falls hard for Piper. That’s all I’ll reveal at this point; but I should have some news on the series shortly after Chicks Dig the Accent gets released! I’ll update the blog more and more with cool blogposts and info on my upcoming blog tour. Back to writing for now. Happy Summer, everyone!