Whitley Cox’s Dark and Damaged Hearts Boxed Set

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Love, passion, sex, heat, power, and hunger. It’s all here in one hot and filthy boxed set. The first four books of the Dark and Damaged Hearts Series with one extra dirty honeymoon novel. Indulge in the passionate love stories of two dominant millionaires and the women who won their hearts. Whatever your preference, be it a sexy nerd with a penchant for comic books and exhibitionism, or a broody alpha who knows how to make a woman drop to her knees, this series is for you.  

Book 1 -Love, Passion and Power: Part 1

Book 2- Love, Passion and Power: Part 2

Book 3- Sex, Heat and Hunger: Part 1

Book 4- Sex, Heat and Hunger: Part 2

BONUS BOOK — Book 4.5- Hot and Filthy: The Honeymoon

Pre-order and Release Week Price of $7.99 (will go up to $9.99 on October 3rd)

Buy Link: https://books.pronoun.com/dark-and-damaged-hearts/