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  1. How do you pronounce Niall’s name? “Kneel.” The modern pronunciation (“Nile”) is a result of Anglicization. Niall’s mam is old fashioned and prefers the Celtic pronunciation. It also reminds him to be chivalrous. 😉
  2. Are the characters based off of anyone in real life? No, they are entirely fictional and the story is completely their own. Please enjoy this character art of Lark and Niall by artist Bianca Duarte. 
  3. Who would the author like to play the characters if the novel were ever optioned for film? Roxanne’s dream cast would be actors Lily Collins and Rory Fleck-Byrne or Robert Sheehan in the roles of Lark and Niall.
  4. What does Niall sound like? Niall has a lyrical, soft and melodic Irish accent. He lapses back into working class/blue collar verbiage every now and again when he’s passionate about something (“I knew it in me gut” versus “I had a gut feeling”), but he is, for the most part, well spoken. Here are a few videos to give you an idea of what he sounds like.


  5. Will there be a sequel? Possibly. The novel was written as a standalone book, but if enough readers are interested, Roxanne will consider writing a followup book.

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