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2018 is the year for new romance releases! Mark these dates in your calendar and be sure to add Roxanne’s newest books to your TBR pile!


Romancing the Seas Series (action/adventure romantic comedy) Boroughs Publishing – A fiesty NY tabloid reporter enjoys an anonymous, hot rendezvous with a CA whale watching captain; until she’s called in to exploit his business on her show, that is. Join Piper and Jack for unforgettable adventures!

Romancing the Seas Series release schedule:

  • Book 2- The Harder They Fall, November 20th
  • Book 3- The Longer They Last, January 8th


When You Close Your Eyes (contemporary romance) Wild Rose Press TBA (November/December 2018).

Dreams are the perfect shelter for our fantasies, safe havens to step inside without changing our daily lives. For Lark Braithwaite, all that is about to change. During the last six months, Lark has dreamt of a mysterious Irish lover, who knows what she wants, and gives her exactly what she needs. In her waking life in busy London, things aren’t as ideal, as her long-term relationship with Charles, her controlling fiancé, has hit a dry spell.

When Lark is called home to Oregon for her father’s funeral right in the middle of a high-stakes corporate merger, she heads back to face the demons from her past. What she doesn’t expect is to meet her dream lover in the flesh. Niall O’Hagan steps straight out of her fantasies and right into her life, and the powerful connection they share rocks her foundation. Although she’s dealing with the bitterness of being betrayed by Charles and his jealousy, Niall soon stirs Lark’s awareness of the superficiality of her existence and reawakens not only her sexuality, but her soul.