Discreetly Yours and Other Books by Stephen Murray

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I’m pleased to welcome crime fiction/mystery author and Las Vegas local Stephen Murray to the blog today. Stephen is a fellow author with Coffee House Tours, with an interesting array of titles under his belt. Be sure to check his books out!

 Discreetly Yours. (Crime Fiction/Mystery)

Frankie, the owner of an exclusive escort agency in Las Vegas, treats the ladies with contempt. When his ‘A-Team Babes’, Satin, Ruby and Goldie, have had enough, they conspire to commit the perfect crime to murder Frankie. But is it the perfect crime? Do the ladies overlook something? Do they get away with their scheme? Do you want them to get away with the murder? The suspense with its many twists and turns before their fate is finally revealed will keep you guessing until the end.

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The Chapel of Eternal Love – Wedding Stories from Las Vegas. (Mainstream Fiction)

Spend a day with wedding organizer Rosemary and her dog, Buster, as they welcome couples to the chapel to tie the knot. What are their reasons for coming to Las Vegas and who have made us the marriage capital of the world? This is a novel full of love and fun.

Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love – Marriage Stories from Las Vegas. (Mainstream Fiction)

The sequel to the award-winning Chapel of Eternal Love. Re-visit the charming chapel and discover what has happened to the fictional couples who were wed that fateful day five years earlier. Where have their lives journeys taken them in the intervening years? What is the reason that compels the all to Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love?

Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II.  (Cozy Mystery)

Join wealthy socialites Brian and Sylvia Sinclair as they celebrate their silver wedding anniversary with their business associates and dysfunctional family aboard the opulent QEII. As the ship sails from England to New York, one of the party is murdered. The mystery must be solved before the passengers scatter when the ship docks in New York? Fun ‘whodunnit’ – and why?


Stephen Murray is a Las Vegas author of fiction with roots in England and Southern Africa. He writes in multiple genres. His first published works were mainstream – the award winning  Chapel of Eternal Love: Wedding Stories from Las Vegas, and the critically acclaimed sequel, Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love: Marriage Stories from Las Vegas. These were followed by the cozy murder mystery, Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth IIHis latest novel is a crime fiction set in Las Vegas titled Discreetly Yours. In addition to being a published author, Stephen Murray is a partner in a software development and support company, which he originally founded in California in 1982. He has made Las Vegas his home since 2003.

For more information, please visit www.authorstephenmurray.com.


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