Book Tour and Release Day Party (and GIVEAWAYS)!

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Hey Everyone,
Whew-ey! Lots of stuff coming down the pipeline. I just received the book tour schedule for Sonnet Coupled’s Blog Tour with Bewitching Book Tours, so scroll down after the What’s Happening bits to follow along on the tour when it begins.
I’ll be sending out a newsletter soon to everyone with an exclusive, steamy excerpt and fun details about the book, so make sure you’re signed up and subscribed. I am still behind on mailing the pens, but I hope to get them out to everyone after the book comes out.
On Release Day, I’m having a Release Day blitz with Silver Dagger Scriptorium, so if you see Sonnet Coupled advertised on one of your favorite blogs, do me a solid and leave a cute comment or two! I’m really trying to get the word out about this novel as it’s one I am really proud of and excited about, so any help spreading the love would be very much appreciated.
In the evening of release day, April 25th, I’ll also be hosting a Facebook Release Day party! It’s only for a few hours in the evening, and it will be a blast. We have author takeovers, giveaways, and I will also be giving out a few gift cards, so be sure you mark it on your Facebook calendars and don’t miss out. The event is public, and can be shared and accepted at the link below. Hope to see you all there!
Without further adieu, here is the Blog Tour Schedule for Sonnet Coupled. Come by to say hi on the blogs! 🙂 I’ll be posting more than usual in the next few weeks. Hope everyone is doing well!
P.S.: And what the hay, I even threw in an exclusive excerpt because I love you guys so much. 😉


Nails scraped along the wood of her bedroom door, and she turned her head toward it. She knew without a doubt he was there, behind it, the way you know someone’s watching you. The doorknob moved as if it would turn, and she caught her breath.

If he comes in here, I’ll let him do what he wants. I’ll welcome it.

The thought scared and thrilled her at once. She wanted him. She was so not in control with this man, and it terrified her. But on the other hand, she hungered for him. The doorknob returned to its normal position after a minute. His footsteps retreated. When his door closed, she stared at the ceiling, and tried to breathe.


Sonnet waited a good fifteen minutes before leaving her room to take a shower and get ready before she headed back to the kitchen. The clean freshness gave her a sense of control, as if it would ward off the carnal urges Griff brought out of her.

She opened the kitchen curtains, cracked a window, turned on some music, and set about to actually make breakfast this time. Once the eggs were scrambled and the bacon sizzled, she fixed plates for them.

His door creaked open, and his footsteps echoed in the hall. She wiped her hands on a dishtowel and set it on the counter. “Hey, so I made us bacon, eggs and toas—” Her voice caught in her throat when she saw the set of his face.

He walked straight toward her, determined. And it seemed like nothing–a simple movement, a play of light and shadow in a sun-splashed patch by the open kitchen window, but she knew, inexplicably, he was about to kiss her.

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