Mystics of V’nairia Series by J.C. Ritchie #AuthorLove #Bookbuzz #newrelease

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I’d like to welcome J.C. Ritchie to the blog to celebrate the release of his series, Mystics of V’Nairia. For all of you sci-fi/fantasy/adventure lovers out there, this series looks awesome! Check it out.


The Fated Swords, Mystics of V’nairia Book One:

Blurb: V’nairia, a kingdom where human and mystics alike lived in harmony until one man bent on the extermination of the mystic race takes his seat as The Supreme Judge, making him the most powerful man in the kingdom.

Zander, once an orphaned boy has just graduated from the V’nairian Militia Academy and joins the extermination squad led by his best friend Vallus. The two boys are given the cursed swords Ebony and Ivory by Vallus’ father as a gift. Together with their friend Kerra they seem to live completely normal lives until an ancient evil turns their world upside down and they are fighting for the survival of all of V’nairia.

The tale of the fated swords is about to unfold…


The Crusader King, Mystics of V’nairia Book 2:

Blurb: Two Years have passed since Zander and Vallus defeated Diaboro, the Demon King and saved the kingdom of V’nairia. Now a new threat emerges from the Foreignlands with an army large enough to bring V’nairia to its knees. The Crusader King, a man bent on conquering V’nairia with power bestowed upon him by God searches for the “Key” to immortality.


Zander; Vallus, Heiro, and Ashe race to find the mysterious item known as “The Key” before it falls into the hands of The Crusader King and use it to defeat him and his armies before the kingdom falls to ruin. Just how far are they willing to go to defeat God’s champion?


Bio: J.C. Ritchie was born in the city of Norton, VA. He lives in Sevierville, Tennessee and spends most of his days reading, writing, and playing massive amounts of video games. His influences are Brent Weeks, Mark Lawrence, George R.R. Martin, J.K. Rowling, and J.R.R. Tolkien. He is the author of the Mystics of V’nairia Series.