Book Review for At the Heart of the Stone from Cryptic Reads

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Book Review from Cryptic Reads for ATHOTS

Dear Readers/Hotties,

I received a notification from my Promotional Coordinator the other day, letting me know that a blogger was asking for a review copy. I had one ARC copy left to give out, and I did so, not really knowing what to expect in return (it was quite nerve-wracking thinking about it, actually).

When this review came in, it literally had me in tears, in a good way. Sometimes we question ourselves as writers, but there are moments like this when you’re like yes! This is why I do this. This is exactly why I write!

For anyone who has shown interest in, encouraged, or bought At the Heart of the Stone, I just want to extend a deeply-felt thank you. Thank you for going on Lark and Niall’s journey and for entering into my imagination for a little bit. Please feel free to check out the review, I love it when the novel really grabs people.

All the best,