Reviews are Rolling In For Flip the Beat!

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Hiya Romance Readers,

What a week it’s been! Flip the Beat got off to an amazing start last week. I wanted to thank everyone who took the time out to buy the book and leave a review. Reviews help both authors and readers, and I can’t tell you what it means to me to read that someone enjoyed my work. Many people have posted some pretty fabulous things about Evan and Molly, and it’s really touched me. This was a fun book to write. I enjoy comedy, and I think you need to have at least a sprinkling of it in everything. While I have many more books about to come out with all kind of moods, characters, genres and stories, this book had a special kind of vibe to it, and I enjoyed dabbling in Evan and Molly’s world.

Thank you so much for coming along for the ride. I want to give a special shout out to my readers in the UK and Canada; thank you kindly for following me! We lived in Kent for four years (the hubs is British), and it tickles me to no end to know that my Brit peeps are digging on Evan and Molly. And let’s face it, Canadians are just straight up awesome! 😉 Be sure to check out all my books coming out soon (The Hotter They Come is out on September 11th), and see what people are saying about Flip the Beat below!



Fresh Fiction gave Flip the Beat a glowing 5-Star “Fresh Review”! Here’s a little peek at what they had to say. You can check out the full review at the hyperlink above:

“FLIP THE BEAT is a perfect combination of chick lit and red-hot romance. Roxanne D. Howard creates some fabulous and realistic characters to fall in love with. This book has made me desperate to read Roxanne D. Howard’s next book.”

“Roxanne Howard has written a romance with everything you could possibly want in it…friendship, humor, sex and love! Highly recommend Flip the Beat and look forward to reading more from this author!” –5 Star Goodreads Review

From Harlie’s Book Blog: “I absolutely adored Molly and Evan. It is a very well balanced book with plenty of hot smexy times, great character growth and a very plausible plot that is also realistic. Trust me, the blurb doesn’t even tell you 1/4 of the story. Again, layers people. Layers…”

Molly Ivers thinks she is falling for the opposite of Prince Charming, and she knows she should give him up, but, oh, the temptation.


Molly Ivers thought she found Prince Charming, but without a devilishly sexy accent, and six months ago she gave into their undeniable attraction. But the swarm of ever-present groupies was so not part of the fairy tale. As much as it hurt her heart, she shut out rocker Evan Castle.

Now, on the verge of finishing her graduate degree and moving to Paris—she even hires a French life coach—Molly begins to realize Evan, who hasn’t given up on her, might be the man of her dreams after all.


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